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Wide range of electric heaters

Airelec was established in Paris in 1956. By the end of 1997, the company had enlarged its production and become a market leader in France. Muller group, one of the biggest manufacturers of electrical heating systems not only in Europe but worldwide, acquired the company in the same year. In 1999, Airelec entered the Bulgarian market and due to the excellent quality of the products, became a market leader in Bulgaria either. All of the products are produced in France and have 7 years warranty.

The brand that brings trust

AIRELEC is a well imposed brand and familiar to both professionals and users as a leader in production of electrical heating systems.

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Radiant Heaters

Glassance Smart ECOcontrol

Unique combination of sophisticated design and intelligent heating. Experience the best of both worlds - convection and radiant heating. The front is made of special glass, which emits gentle heat and provide exceptional indoor comfort.

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