Aixance Smart ECOcontrol

  • Radiant heater with SmartECOcontrol functions
  • Motion and light sensor
  • LCD digital display
  • Manufactured in France  
  • 7 year warranty
Model Output Dimensions  W х H х D  Heating area Price
Aixance Smart ECOcontrol 1500 W 85 x 44 x 11.3 см. 12 - 16 м2 792 lv.
Aixance Smart ECOcontrol 2000 W 106 x 44 x 11.3 см. 16 - 22 м2 912 lv.

Aixance SmartECOcontrol is an electric radiant heater with solid aluminium radiant heating element AIRALU® silence. The bigger surface of the heating element in combination with the SmartEcocontrol functions provide stunning comfort and reduce significantly the energy cost. The motion and light sensor detects the presence in the room and automatically selects the periods of comfort and economic operational mode. Wi-Fi is optional too.  

  • Heat resistant coating
  • Anti-dust system SAS
  • Double heating element made of special aluminium alloy
  • Digital display with SmartEcocontrol functions
  • Precise electronic thermostat  
  • Motion and light sensor
  • Thermal cut-out
  • Class II- no earthing required
  • IP 24
  • IK 08