IRC Design

  • Case made of zinc-plated steel and coated with epoxide polyester  
  • Halogen heating element- BlancheSmooth reflector for concentrated heating and Embossed for better heat diffusion
  • Proprietary adjusting set for the reflectors
Model Output Dimensions  W х H х D  Price
IRC Design 1500 W 50 x 14.1 x 8.5 см. 540 lv.

Radiant (infrared) heater for outdoor and indoor implications, heating only the area in front, extending your time outside or warming your work place in the warehouse. The heaters have adjustable reflectors and mounting sets for achieving maximum comfort. The heaters could be installed either on wall or ceiling.

  • Helen infrared heating element
  • IP24
  • IK08
  • Solid and strong case with some components of stainless steel
  • Manufactured in France