Glassance Smart ECOcontrol

  • Elegant design with front glass panel 
  • Two heating elements- radiant and convective
  • SmartECOcontrol functions and LCD display
  • Wi-Fi option
  • 7 years warranty
  • Made in France
Model Output Dimensions  W х H х D  Heating area Price
Glassance Smart ECOcontrol 1000 W 60 x 48 x 11 см.  8 - 12 м2 1140 lv.
Glassance Smart ECOcontrol 1500 W 81 x 48 x 11 см. 12 - 17 м2 1200 lv.
Glassance Smart ECOcontrol 2000 W 100 x 48 x 11 см. 17 - 23 м2 1440 lv.

Glassance SmartECOcontrol has elegant design and high-tech heating features. The radiator is equipped with both radiant heating element behind the front glass panel and a solid convective one.  This combination provides comfortable heating and improved heat diffusion. Due to the SmartECOcontrol box, the temperature control is very precise, the energy consumption is low upon high heating comfort. The integrated motion and light sensor automatically reduces the temperature for the periods the room is not occupied. The additional Wi-Fi kit allows to control the radiator remotely through your mobile phone.   

  • Special high emitting glass front panel
  • Radiant heating element AIRALU® silence
  • Additional solid convective heating element
  • SmartECOcontrol control box
  • Precise electronic thermostat ± 0.1˚C
  • Thermal cut-out
  • Class II- no earthing required
  • Without plug
  • IP 24
  • IK 08